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I know how hard you work for your business. As a consultant, I work with small businesses and nonprofits who have to stretch their marketing budgets as far as they can reach. With my current small business clients, I manage brand strategy, public relations, web and digital presence, social media, content strategy, graphic design, brand identity collateral, email marketing campaigns, video production and more from concept to completion. I am pragmatic and know which activations will give you the most bang for your buck.


With 10+ years experience representing top tier global brands in marketing communications, I have a unique yet broad set of skills in this space. I have extensive experience in client relations, public relations & communications, digital marketing, and ensuring cohesive brand identity across all channels.

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Kate Woodson

Social Media,

Care Camps

Lindsey is instrumental in improving Care Camps' digital marketing efforts and creating new ones like our “Heroes of Hope” campaign. She is always willing to share her extensive knowledge of marketing and digital media with others. She is a true team player.


Jeff Swingle

Brand Marketing Strategist

Lindsey is relentless in her attention to detail, but never at the expense of the bigger picture. She is a brilliant communicator, talented and versatile. She is dedicated to excellence in any discipline in which she operates.

Angela Hayes

SVP Diversity & Inclusion

Lindsey and I have worked together in a few different capacities in the last decade. As a client/ agency relationship and more recently as colleagues. She has the ability to sprinkle magic dust and make things happen.

Max Perilstein

Communication Strategist

Lindsey constantly impresses me because she’s virtually unstoppable in developing approaches to advance the marketing and branding efforts of her clients. She takes “continuous improvement” to new levels every day.



NMA Entertainment

Publicist, Brand & Talent Partnerships


Operation Smile

Social Media Manager, Global HQ


Operation Smile


Marketing Services


Rowe Fenestration

Director, Marketing & Communications


Consulting Services

Account Relations & Brand Strategist


You know that infographic of what success really looks like vs. what everyone thinks it looks like?


Yeah, life really is like that. 

There are so many nuanced paths within each of our careers that a bio can never quite capture. The threads that weave our lives together, the experiences that mold and shape us, revealing to us what we are really made of.  And helping to carve that path? The invaluable network of career and personal contacts that light the way - providing guidance, support, and if you are really lucky - true connection.

That is what I strive to do every day. Connect people and help them on their path to whatever success looks like to them. 

How can I help you reach your goals?


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